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Mighty Ideas for Your Small Kitchen Space

Kitchen Installation Tips

Putting up a kitchen can be a challenging task, especially to those homeowners with limited space. Just because you may not have a wide room for a kitchen, there are still ways to make the most out of it. It all boils down to your kitchen’s layout and design. Here are some ideas you may want to consider according to a kitchen installation expert:

For single wall kitchens

This is common in small houses and studio apartments and usually requires counter space. While you may not have enough space to add an island or make an L layout, you can always put a table at the center that can be used as meal preparation and dining. Also, don’t focus too much on the focal point because single-wall kitchens don’t really have to be the focal point. You might one to keep your kitchenette concealed by installing blasted doors. If you are looking to add a single-wall kitchen, make sure to work with a kitchen installation company for exemplary results.

For galley kitchens

If you have a small area for your kitchen, you can also opt for a galley kitchen. This kitchen has parallel walls and looks like a mini hallway. You can put the sink in one counter and the stove across for efficiency.

For peninsula kitchens

If you have quite a space to work on in the kitchen, you may opt for the G layout. With this type of layout, you can freely move around without any full obstruction, unlike the U layout. If you want this type of kitchen, you should maximize the counter and make it as a semi-dining area. Just add a bar chair with the right elevation and you can simply enjoy your morning coffee right there while waiting for the meals to be cooked. Also, peninsula kitchens are fabulous with pendant lights dangling in there.

For L layout kitchens

L layout kitchen most of the time ends up facing a blank wall. To maximize the area, you can install a floating table or counter for extra dining space. For narrow L layout kitchens, you might want to add a folding table and set it aside.

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